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A better way to discover music

MSD helps your business connect to the different media types your customers love across the world’s most popular entertainment platforms and devices through our elegant API Service.

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No coding, No problem.

We provide cutting-edge API endpoints to help your business get the latest information related to artists, releases, tracks and others across the globe.

Build your startup faster

Everything you need to deploy your music application

We provide various services to help you prepare for your next adventure. It saves your time so you could focus your efforts and energy on your customers.

Easy Delivery System

Deliver your digital assets to your customers seemlessly without building your own infrastructure

Sucure Connection

Our security team makes sure all connections via our servers are secure enough from various external agents.

Simple UI/UX

Minimal UI/UX philosophy helps you reduce your valuable time to focus more on your end

Advanced Coupon Marketplace

Our coupon marketplace ensures our pricing model is reasonable. It helps you compete with your competitors and attract more customers to your product.

Powerful API

Our advanced API system handles a large amount of requests without any downtime. We also provide simple API documentation to help your developers build your product quickly.

Database Backups

Your orders served through our systems are protected from malicious attacks. We also provide various database backups and snapshots.

Music Descriptive Metadata is all that matters. I love to discover, use advanced machine learning to make sense all the music around me. It's a long journey to build a system that know music well enough.

Judithe Blacko


Data source in your control

We’re here to help

We will be granted access to browse your dashboard in order to control your private data across different services after you become our partners.